6-10 Fall Sports & Schedules

Fall 2020 After School Sports 

  • All student-athletes in grades 6-10 MUST have a physical from a doctor turned into the office prior to starting the first practice (or can prove that a physical appointment is scheduled). They will NOT be allowed to participate without one.
  • We will be taking temperatures EVERY practice and EVERY game.
  • Please read CHSAA COVID-19 requirements & mandates found here.
  • AFTER you register, send in a sealed envelope with:
    ▸ Student’s Name
    ▸ Student’s Grade
    ▸ Student’s Sport Choice
    ▸ Exact amount of money
  • We will update Families as soon as possible should there be changes to sports restrictions.

Team and Individual Sports Picture Order Form

Please print and send this form with your child on their sports picture day regardless of purchase. Make sure to include your email address as I will be providing each student with a high-resolution digital image of their sports team, free of charge.

Required Sports Forms for Grades 6-10


Girls Volleyball Grades 6-10

Date: 8/24-10/30
Practices: M/T/W 4:30-6:00
Games: F 4:00-6:00
Cost: $60 + $10 for t-shirt (optional, adult sizes S, M, L, XL)

Coach information:

Coach Allen- ms.allen@ltaeagles.org

Coach Hammond- ms.hammond@ltaeagles.org

Athletes need black kneepads and black volleyball shorts with a minimum of 3” inseam (Preferably Asics brand, but not required). These can be found on www.allvolleyball.com.

2019-2020 Season

Girls Volleyball Schedule – Fall 2020

Monday 8/244:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 8/264:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 8/284:00-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 8/314:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 9/14:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 9/24:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 9/45:15Freedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 9/7----------NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 9/84:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 9/94:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 9/9Freedom Hall (LTA gym)TEAM PICTURES
Thursday 9/105:00-6:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 9/144:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 9/154:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 9/164:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Friday 9/185:15pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 9/214:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 9/224:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 9/234:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 9/254:00-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 9/284:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 9/294:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 9/304:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Thursday 10/14:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Friday 10/24:00-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)GAME
Monday 10/54:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 10/64:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 10/74:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 10/94:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 10/12----------NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 10/134:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Wednesday 10/144:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 10/164:00-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 10/194:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 10/204:00 & 5:00 pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural Games
Wednesday 10/214:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 10/234:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
Monday 10/264:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Tuesday 10/274:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Open Gym
Wednesday 10/284:30-6:00pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
Friday 10/304:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Staff vs. Students GAME

Co-ed Cross Country Grades 6-10

Date: 8/17-10/22
Practices: M/T/TH 4:00-5:00
Meets: TBD
Cost: $60 + $10 for t-shirt (optional, adult sizes S, M, L, XL)
Coach information:

Coach Surat- mr.surat@ltaeagles.org

Athletes need to purchase black shorts that are appropriate for running. Shorts may NOT be spandex and must be solid black. Small logos are appropriate, but may not be more than 2”.

Asics has an excellent selection for male and female athletes.  https://www.asics.com/us/en-us/search/black/?q=running%20shorts

Cross Country Schedule – Fall 2020

Monday 8/174:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 8/184:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 8/204:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Monday 8/244:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 8/254:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 8/274:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Friday 8/284:00pm-6:00pmPeyton SchoolMEET
Monday 8/314:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 9/14:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 9/34:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Monday 9/7NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 9/84:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 9/104:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkTeam Photos
Thursday 9/104:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Friday 9/112:30pmWoodmen Hills Disc Golf CourseMEET
Monday 9/144:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 9/154:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 9/174:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Monday 9/214:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 9/224:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 9/244:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Saturday 9/26TBAPeytonMEET
Monday 9/284:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 9/294:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 10/14:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Friday 10/2TBAWoodmen Hills Disc Golf CourseMS/HS MEET
Monday 10/54:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 10/64:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 10/84:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Monday 10/12NO SCHOOLPractice
Tuesday 10/134:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 10/154:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Monday 10/194:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Tuesday 10/204:00-5:00pmLTAPractice
Thursday 10/224:00-5:00pmLTAPractice

Co-ed Soccer Grades 6-10

Date: 8/17-10/22
Practices: M/T 4:00-5:00
Games: TH 4:00-5:00
Cost: $60 + $10 for t-shirt (optional, adult sizes S, M, L, XL)
Location: Balcon Park

Coach information:

Coach Baldock- davidjbaldock@gmail.com

Parents are responsible for pick-up and drop-off at the park.

Athletes need shin guards, Navy blue soccer socks, soccer cleats, and solid black shorts. Shorts must have a minimum of 3” inseam and loose-fitting.

LTA 2020 Soccer T-shirt

Soccer Schedule – Fall 2020

Monday 8/174:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 8/184:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 8/204:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
Monday 8/244:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 8/254:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 8/274:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
Monday 8/314:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 9/14:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 9/34:00-5:00pmBalcon Park Intramural GAME
Monday 9/7----------NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 9/84:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 9/104:00-5:00pmBalcon Park Intramural GAME
Thursday 9/104:00pmBalcon ParkTEAM PICTURES
Monday 9/144:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 9/154:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 9/174:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
Monday 9/214:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 9/224:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 9/24----------NO GAME (Tentative)
Friday 9/252:30pm players arrive to field. Game starts at 3pmGrand Peaks AcademyMiddle School vs. CMA GAME
Monday 9/284:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 9/294:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 10/14:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
Monday 10/54:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 10/64:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 10/84:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
Monday 10/12----------NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 10/134:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 10/154:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
Friday 10/164:30pmHorseshoe Park, FalconMiddle School vs. CMA GAME
Monday 10/194:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Tuesday 10/204:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkPractice
Thursday 10/224:00-5:00pmBalcon ParkIntramural GAME
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