Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year is Now Open

I love how Liberty Tree has met each of my children where they are at both socially and academically.  They really treat each student as an individual instead of just a group.  I am also thankful for how much they have learned about the importance of history and being a positive contribution to their society.

Heather A.

Liberty Tree Academy has been an amazing school for our children. Making the switch was literally the best educational decision we could have made. LTA’s traditional American education curriculum, structure, and the expected higher standards for and of their students makes such a difference.

Our kids have been able to excel tremendously and are thriving in the LTA environment. The teachers, principal, and staff have always been understanding, helpful, and have an open ear with the added advantage of responding in a very timely manner.

Kerstin C.

This is our first year at Liberty Tree Academy. We were on the waitlist for a short amount of time before we got in. Let me tell you, this is what school was like when we were growing up and how all schools these days should be. Before our daughter came to Liberty Tree (and was still at another Charter School), she was bored and not challenged. She dreaded going to school and actually wanted to stay home. Now, she is excited to go to school. She is memorizing works of history overnight and she actually enjoys the 30 minute drive to school! She is being challenged and she is thriving. Liberty Tree Academy is teaching the way History, math and Language Arts should be taught. We love what Liberty Tree Academy and the staff have shown and taught us already and we look forward to many more years with them.

Rachel N.

There are so many choices in education today, but we have been thrilled with our choice in Liberty Tree Academy for our three kids! Our kids have been challenged, equipped, and supported by the teachers and staff at the school. The traditional American curriculum feels even more important than ever in today’s volatile culture. Through this education, our kids are learning what is good and true, and they are developing into citizens of virtue

Kristen B.

In accordance with the Charter Agreement, for the 2020-21 school year, LTA will enroll approximately 56 students per grade in Kindergarten through 10th grade. By the 2021-22 school year, the school will become a K-12 academy.

Space permitting, any student is eligible to attend LTA. LTA will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, national origin, gender, disability, or age.

Class size may be approximately 25-29 students per class with two classes per grade, totaling 50-58 students per grade. Classes may be over-enrolled by two students per class to account for natural attrition.

Students must be 5 years of age by October 1 to begin the current school year.

Interested families will complete an online application for students who will be in Kindergarten through 11th grade. The enrollment process will,

A. fill a new grade of Kindergarten students, and

B. fill seats that may become available in 1st grade and above.

To the extent that demand exceeds the number of available seats for any given grade, the Administration will conduct a public, system-generated, grade-level lottery. The public lottery will take place within two weeks of the date of the spring FTE count. The result of the lottery for first grade students and above will be a numerical waitlist. The school will use the waitlist to offer available seats to students on a grade-by-grade basis as they become available.   

The waitlist is not carried over to subsequent years. No vacant seats will be filled after October 3rd.

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