Enrollment for the current school year is closed. 

A Note from the Principal

 Dear Liberty Tree Academy Families,

My educational philosophy starts with every student can learn and wants to learn. They deserve
excellent content and instruction to guide them. After being in education for 16 years and
teaching at James Irwin for 8 years, I have learned that a teacher can reach every student and
make a difference in their life with the proper tools and training.
As leaders and teachers, we must teach students what is true and beautiful. Using original
source documents, and looking deeper in the lives of our Founders, will equip our students not
only with the knowledge of the real events and outcomes of what the early Americans went
through, but they will learn about LTA’s virtues and how the Founders discovered these virtues
in the challenges of their day. Our goal is to create thinkers and world changers and not just
people who accept everything they are taught at face value. To teach the students how to ask
appropriate questions and access good resources and material will open up their world and
enable them to deal with tough situations that come their way.
As we teach children and youth about the virtues and the hardships that key people in
history experienced, we are helping them become independent and good self-governed citizens.
When they graduate LTA, our students will know how to problem solve and face challenges in a
healthy way that promotes the principles of liberty. They will be able to understand the real
world and relate better with others that might have different ideas.
My passion is to help our young people become good humans that will help our country
discover a new birth of freedom.


Mrs. Wilson

LTA Principal


Admissions at LTA

In accordance with the Charter Agreement, for the 2020-21 school year, LTA will enroll approximately 56 students per grade in Kindergarten through 10th grade. By the 2021-22 school year, the school will become a K-12 academy.

Space permitting, any student is eligible to attend LTA. LTA will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, national origin, gender, disability, or age.

Class size may be approximately 25-29 students per class with two classes per grade, totaling 50-58 students per grade. Classes may be over-enrolled by two students per class to account for natural attrition.

Students must be 5 years of age by October 1 to begin the current school year.

Interested families will complete an online application for students who will be in Kindergarten through 11th grade. The enrollment process will,

A. fill a new grade of Kindergarten students, and

B. fill seats that may become available in 1st grade and above.

To the extent that demand exceeds the number of available seats for any given grade, the Administration will conduct a public, system-generated, grade-level lottery. The public lottery will take place within two weeks of the date of the spring FTE count. The result of the lottery for first grade students and above will be a numerical waitlist. The school will use the waitlist to offer available seats to students on a grade-by-grade basis as they become available.   

The waitlist is not carried over to subsequent years. No vacant seats will be filled after October 3rd.

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