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Mr. Markel

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Intramural Soccer

Philosophy of Athletics

Liberty Tree Academy encourages all students to participate in after-school activities, as the programs benefit not only their educational experience but support their long-term goals as well.

Within our after-school activities, students have the opportunity to:

●Provide leadership opportunities
●Exercise their ability to work as a team
●Implement practice and performance strategies
●Compete in a healthy and safe environment
●Build self-confidence and implement mental toughness
●Create an understanding of rules, practices, and procedures for the game
Participation in LTA’s after-school activities programs directly correlates with our core virtues: Courage, Courtesy, Truthfulness, Prudence, Perseverance. Through these virtues, student-athletes are able to build self-confidence and the ability to become self-governing citizens who will continue to lead our future generations.

It is a privilege, not a right, to participate in LTA’s athletics and after-school activities program. Greater expectations exist for those who represent Liberty Tree Academy and we encourage all students to participate to the best of their ability.


 Volleyball and Basketball
Adults- $5
Students(K-12)- $4
LTA Students with ID- $2
Senior(60+) – $2

Additionally, please note that most area high schools charge admission for events.
Admission prices may vary between sports and schools.

Season and Annual Passes are available for purchase by LTA students and families.
These passes may only be used for LTA Home Games only and do not include
Playoff Games. Family season and annual passes grant admission for five immediate family members to all home season games.

Student Annual Pass
$35/school year

Family Annual Pass

• Immediate Family Only (Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents)
• Maximum of 5 Persons Per Home Game
$100/school year

Family Season Pass (fall, winter, spring)
$50/ season


LTA athletics are dependent on volunteers. We ask that you volunteer a minimum of
two hours a season. Sign-up sheets will be available at the beginning of the season
during the parent meeting. Volunteering can be considered the following:

1. Running admissions to games
2. Running the scoreboard for games
3. Running the scorebook for games
4. Cleaning up after games
5. Being a line judge for volleyball games

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the athletic director to let
him or her know


All athletic registration for Liberty Tree Academy can be found at
www.ltaeagles.org under the Athletics tab.

The following must be completed (with signatures by the appropriate parties where
required) for every athlete prior to participating in any practices, scrimmages, or

1. A current physical (dated within 365 days of the final date of the season)
2. All required athletic/emergency forms
3. Full payment of athletic participation fee

Please note that an athlete may be ineligible if any past athlete participation fee and/or
replacement/damage equipment fees are due on their school-specific account.
Athletes can remain ineligible until payment is complete or there is approval from the athletic director.

Athletic Participation Fees

Lower School Sports: $40

Middle School (6-8 grades): $100

Upper School Sports (9-12 grades): $120

MS/HS Cheer: $120+ Fee based on grade and equipment

If you have already played a sport for LTA, you are still required to complete the
emergency/medical form for the new season. You will not need to re-submit a physical if you have a current one on file dated within 365 days of the final date of the new season. Therefore, the athletic department will not accept a physical that expires at any time during the sports season of participation. If you have one that needs to be renewed between the official start date and the end of the sports season, we consider it expired and you must have a new one prior to the official start date.


1. Refunds are available for the following situations:
a. If an athlete is released from the team by the coach before the first scheduled
b. If an athlete is injured before the first scheduled contest
c. If an athlete is injured before one-half of the competitive season, they can receive a pro-rated refund

2. No Refund
a. If the athlete is released as a result of disciplinary actions
b. If the athlete quits voluntarily
c. If the athlete is injured less than half of the competitive season

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