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Volunteer/Community Involvement Opportunities

Fire Explorer Program

The Colorado Springs Fire Explorer Program provides an exposure to the Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for youths ages 14-21.

An active involvement in community service is a major role of the explorer program.  We often represent the Fire Department at many local events.  Our explorers can be found as Sparky the Fire Dog, working at safety fairs, and other activities as requested by the Fire Department.


Orientation will take place on Saturday January 28, 2023 beginning at 8:30am.  Please plan to stay for day.  We will meet at the Fire Department Headquarters (FDC), 375 Printers Parkway.  Get acquainted interviews will be held on the evening of Wednesday, January 25 and you will notified of the time for your interview in mid-January.

Teen Court

Are you interested in legal issues involving teens? This volunteer program might be just for you if you are interested in the Law. 
Act as a case manager for Peer Panels.
Be a mentor for the student attorneys at Trials.
Be a positive power of peer influence to stop criminal behavior before it happens.
Watch our youth grow into confident and competent young people throughout your time volunteering.
Work closely with youth and other community members to expand your professional horizon.
Act as a Peer Panelist and make your voice heard in another kid’s life.
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