K-5 Winter Sports Schedules

After School Sports

We will be taking temperatures EVERY practice and EVERY game.

AFTER you register for a sport, please send in a sealed envelope to the front office:
▸ Student’s Name
▸ Student’s Grade
▸ Student’s Sport Choice

▸ Exact amount of money

K-5 Permission Slip

We will update Families as soon as possible should there be changes to sports restrictions.

Ms. Allen

Ms. Allen

Lower/Upper Athletic Director, Upper School PE

Mrs. Grenier

Mrs. Grenier

Lower School PE


Intramural Co-ed Basketball Grades 4/5 

Intramural Co-ed Basketball Grades 4/5


Date: 11/2-12/4

Practice: M/W 3:45-4:30pm
Games: Friday 4:00pm
Cost: $30 +$10 t-shirt (optional – youth sizes S, M, L, adult sizes S, M , L)

11/23:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
11/43:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
11/6TBAFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
11/93:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
11/113:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
11/13TBAFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
11/163:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
11/183:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
11/20TBAFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME
11/303:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
12/23:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Practice
12/4TBAFreedom Hall (LTA gym)Intramural GAME

Little Dribblers Basketball Grade K-3

Date: 11/3-12/3

Coach: Mrs. Grenier mrs.grenier@ltaeagles.org
Practice: T/Th 3:45-4:30pm
Cost: $45

11/33:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
11/53:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
11/103:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
11/123:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
11/173:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
11/193:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
12/13:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
12/33:45-4:30pmFreedom Hall (LTA gym)
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