Music K-6

Music and the arts are very important.  They help us to express our feelings/emotions, share of ourselves, enrich the lives of others as well as our own lives.  The arts also help us to experience new things and learn from our history.  The goal for our younger students is to spark a love and appreciation of the arts.  Whether that be through movement, rhyme, singing, rhythm, composition, the study of composers and music style, or even through listening to stories or pieces of music.

    Music class varies by grade in difficulty and duration of the activity.  A kindergarten class will include more movement and change activities often.  While students in 5th grade are able to dive more deeply into the lesson. The focus for each music student in our lower school is rhythm; learning about steady beat from Kindergarten on.  The students will build on this each year.  All students will be learning Music Theory as well.  This includes notation, rhythm reading, dynamic markings, tempo, and musical terms.  

   The programs offered for lower school students include Beginning Strings and Percussion Ensemble.  In class, each student will play percussion instruments throughout the year.  The recorder is taught in class for our 3rd and 4th graders during the 2nd semester.  The plan for 5th grade this year is bucket drumming and cup rhythms. 

   Each year at LTA we have a big concert.  This gives the students an opportunity to perform in front of an audience and also be a good audience member, through learning concert etiquette.  We also offer a Fine Arts Night as another chance to audition/perform or submit artwork.   

    Music is a great outlet of expression and a way to relate to others.  We are always looking to improve our program while doing what best for our students.  Always moving forward.

Miss Peckham

Miss Peckham

K-6 Music

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