School Uniforms

Why does LTA require uniforms?

A school uniform is crucial to accomplishing three key goals.  First, it diminishes the burden of thinking about clothing and fashion that can become all-encompassing for many students.  This removes distractions in the classroom and increases focus on the task at hand.  Second, it helps students take school more seriously by acknowledging through dress that we respect fellow classmates and teachers, and it reminds students that they are doing important work.  Third, it develops school identity and pride.

Furthermore, the uniform policy is one piece of the LTA overall mission to set a higher standard of excellence not only in dress, but also in conduct, safety, and achievement.  This policy is designed to facilitate the education of the LTA students and to allow our teachers to focus on the education of our students.  The policy produces an environment that is conducive to learning by requiring all students to dress with respect and modesty.

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