Upper School Life

The Upper School students have a selection of classes that are taught by subject matter experts and are all taught with a purpose. Teachers use a method of teaching called the Socratic Method. They use questions to guide instruction in a form of a cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals to help bring out the solution or the key idea for each lesson. By keeping the dialogue moving, the teachers are creating an environment of learning and excitement which helps everyone stay engaged and on task. 
Just like Lower School, the teachers bring in praises throughout each day and in every lesson. They are praising their students for their accomplishments or the way they persevered through a tough math problem. Helping the students live out the virtues will help them as they grow into young adults to make wise decisions in the future.
Students in the Upper School go to PE every day. Even the big kids need to exercise their other muscles so that they may focus in the classroom.  Our students also love getting involved in after-school activities such as band, choir, and a variety of sports offered throughout the year.
During their lunch period, they may spread out a little and eat in the cafeteria or lunch tables placed outside. They love socializing with one another and even their teachers. Most lunches are spent asking their teachers questions and getting to know them more and diving into discussions on a deeper level.
The last period of the day for Upper School is called Student Advisement. This is a time for students to receive help in a specific subject and get extra help before going home to finish their work. This time also gives those students who play a sport at a different school opportunity to leave our school early without missing class instruction.
We are a big family and are continually building our culture so we can become lifelong learners of what is true, good, and beautiful. We are proud to be the War Eagles!
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