Welcome to the new Liberty Tree Academy news page. As is always the case in a new charter school, there is a lot happening all of the time. This will be a place for you to catch up on the latest and keep you in the loop with some of the various projects that are in the works.

Big things are happening!

The Curriculum Highlights section will share from the philosophy of LTA toward learning and specific topics that are being covered. We’ve had the privilege to share with some of you, from the inspiration of the LTA curriculum design, Dr. Terrence Moore’s The Story Killers.

“…let us look to the brave old world of truth and common sense…by embracing not so much the past as what is permanent…the best that has been thought and said and done and discovered.”

LTA believes …

that all modern American children [should] have the chance to study the classics of the Western tradition, the Founding of America, and the great literature emerging out of the true American experience.”


For those athletes out there, LTA is moving forward with its application to the Colorado High School Activities Association. A big step in that direction will be hosting the skills basketball camp with Robert “Dip” Donaldson, international basketball player, coach and player development, this July. More details to come.

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