Liberty Tree Academy prepares students through a traditional, content-rich education in a disciplined and orderly environment, to be self-governing citizens who are equipped to carry out the vision of our Nation’s Founders to preserve and perpetuate liberty.


Liberty Tree Academy is dedicated to an authentic, traditional American education, to be a community that actively cultivates character in a challenging and engaging learning environment.

The Legacy of Liberty Fund

The Legacy of Liberty Fund gives each of us the privilege of participating in creating a lasting positive impact on our community.

The Legacy of Liberty we speak about is graduating self-governing young people who are grounded in the high principles of America’s founding. The Legacy Fund will be used primarily for capital, long-term assets, to honor those graduates and to continue to provide equipment, buildings, and even land for the school for future students.

Please join us to continue this Legacy!

The Patron’s Fund

The Patron’s Fund provides additional compensation for our dedicated faculty and staff who are diligently working to create a challenging and engaging learning environment at LTA; to develop our students in both mind and character.

Several of our teachers and staff made major career changes and have sacrificed personally because they see the value in building young Americans who are equipped to lead and defend Traditional America.

Thank you for participating in supporting our dedicated staff!

I love how Liberty Tree has met each of my children where they are at both socially and academically.  They really treat each student as an individual instead of just a group.  I am also thankful for how much they have learned about the importance of history and being a positive contribution to their society.

Heather A.

Liberty Tree Academy has been an amazing school for our children. Making the switch was literally the best educational decision we could have made. LTA’s traditional American education curriculum, structure, and the expected higher standards for and of their students makes such a difference.

Our kids have been able to excel tremendously and are thriving in the LTA environment. The teachers, principal, and staff have always been understanding, helpful, and have an open ear with the added advantage of responding in a very timely manner.

Kerstin C.

This is our first year at Liberty Tree Academy. We were on the waitlist for a short amount of time before we got in. Let me tell you, this is what school was like when we were growing up and how all schools these days should be. Before our daughter came to Liberty Tree (and was still at another Charter School), she was bored and not challenged. She dreaded going to school and actually wanted to stay home. Now, she is excited to go to school. She is memorizing works of history overnight and she actually enjoys the 30 minute drive to school! She is being challenged and she is thriving. Liberty Tree Academy is teaching the way History, math and Language Arts should be taught. We love what Liberty Tree Academy and the staff have shown and taught us already and we look forward to many more years with them.

Rachel N.

There are so many choices in education today, but we have been thrilled with our choice in Liberty Tree Academy for our three kids! Our kids have been challenged, equipped, and supported by the teachers and staff at the school. The traditional American curriculum feels even more important than ever in today’s volatile culture. Through this education, our kids are learning what is good and true, and they are developing into citizens of virtue

Kristen B.

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