Health Services

Your LTA health office is here to support the health needs of your students during all school hours. We currently staff a full-time health paraprofessional as well as a Registered Nurse several days per week.
We look forward to partnering with your family and your student’s medical provider to help support health concerns such as:
-Daily and as-needed Medication (both over-the counter and prescription)
-Severe allergy/anaphylaxis
We are also available during school hours to assess illness or injury that may arise.

● Annual Health Information Form- The health room requires parents to fill out an annual health information form. This form lists any medical information that would help us care for your child. Please log onto your parent PowerSchool account and complete this under the “forms” tab. Information regarding PowerSchool can be found here:

● Medications – All medications, including over-the-counter medications, require a medication form completed by your child’s physician. Student’s may NOT bring medication to school or self-administer any medication. All medication forms and action plans can be found here:

● Immunization Requirements – Colorado law requires all students to be immunized against certain communicable diseases. For more information regarding required immunizations and how to complete a non-medical immunization exemption form can be found here: (If you are filing a non-medical exemption, please complete the online module, print and sign the exemption form, and return to the health room.)

● Illness Guidelines – District 49 (to include LTA) is following the Illness Guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Children’s Hospital Colorado. Please refer to these guidelines and keep for more information regarding when to send or keep home a student according to their symptoms.

● Phones in the Classroom – Students are not permitted to use classroom phones or personal phones to contact parents in the event of illness. Students must come through the health room to call parents or the absence will not be excused.

Illness Guidlines: How Sick is Too Sick?
Mrs. Kliniske, RN

Mrs. Kliniske, RN

School Nurse


District Cell Phone: 719-290-5408

Mrs. Allen

Mrs. Allen

Health Room Paraprofessional

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